Just A Kiss

She vibrated with anticipation. She tried to keep her composure but her wet palms, slick with sweat simply wouldn’t cooperate. She wiped her hands on her cotton skirt and reached out to spin the bottle. Her eyes looked all around him, but never at him.
As her hand touched the bottle she caught the gaze of the pretty girl sitting right next to him. Their eyes locked for a micro-millionth of a second and she spun the bottle with a prayer on her lips.
Their little world sat still as the bottle merrily turned oblivious to the tension in the room. Everyone’s eyes fixed on the mouth of the bottle.
As it entered its final revolution she held her breath and closed her eyes.
The room gasped in unison, her eyes flew open and immediately searched for his face.
He looked excited, but his eyes were locked on the bottle. She looked down and noticed the bottle was aimed not at him but at the pretty girl that sat next to him.
The two girls got up and walked to the large walk in closet, while their eyes were fixed on the floor.
The pretty girl shut the door, took her hand and pulled her close.
Their eyes met again.
The pretty girl smiled sadly as the distance between their faces closed.
She closed her eyes just as their lips touched. She pictured his face. She pretended the lips she was kissing were his.
The pretty girl left her eyes wide open, there was nowhere else she would rather be, there were no other lips she would rather kiss.

Together they tasted joy, sorrow and everything in between. Their lips unlocked and suddenly everything was clear.

A minute in heaven is worth a lifetime in hell, and they had seven.

They came out of the closet, together.


4 thoughts on “Just A Kiss

  1. wonderfulmayven

    I’m quite confused with the story. I thought I get the meaning but I’m not really sure. I had to reread again to get the point. I get it then I got confused 🙂 But by the way, nice way to tell a story. You got me rereading the whole story all over again. One of the unique ways I’ve encountered.
    Thanks for the follow too.

    1. selectiveapocalypse Post author

      Its about how self centered we are as people. The girl that has a crush on one of the guys is absolutely oblivious to the fact that she has made another person come to terms with their sexuality.


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