It starts in your stomach.
You feel it begin to boil.
Your muscles begin to clench.
Your teeth grind together.
Your fists are suddenly balled.
Your heart is pounding so hard you can feel it in your ears.
Your senses have never been this sharp.
Your body is vibrating with adrenaline.
You’re ready to attack.
You launch yourself at him.
Your iron fists collide with his jaw.
You see blood fly across the room in slow motion.
That one punch would have been enough to knock him out cold.
But you cannot and will not stop yourself.
You feel invincible.
You pick him back up and your attack is merciless.
You use every single limb in your body to destroy him.
You hear the wet thump of your fist connecting with his bloodied face over and over again.
You feel his hot blood spray across your face.
You feel a shudder.
You look down, your chest heaving, your arms still curled up, ready to annihilate any sign of life.
You see before you a tangled mass of bone blood and skin.
You drop his lifeless body on the ground.
You are bathed in his blood, its dripping all around you.
It trickles down your face, past your lips.
You slowly lick it off.
Warm, metallic, tangy and oddly sweet.

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